Arrival and Departure

All teams and athletes can arrive in Portugal (Algarve, Faro International Airport), the latest on the afternoon of Friday 31st March 2023 for team registration and check-in.
The organization will coordinate and make all ground travel arrangements for foreign teams arriving and departing by air at Faro or Lisbon or Seville International Airports in addition to the transfers required for competition days. Teams travelling by land should make their own way to their hotel or opening ceremony depeding on arrival time.
Either Monday 03rd or Tuesday 04th April 2023 will see all visiting teams departing from Faro or Lisbon or Seville International Airports for the end of their tour. Or indeed for some the beginning of an extended tour with an additional nights taking in either Portugal (Lisbon, Porto, etc) or Spain (Madrid, Seville, Barcelona, etc).
All teams will be assisted on arrival by its own Team Liaison officer for the whole period of their stay.


The opening ceremony for all team members, officials, referees, sponsors and organization members will be at 20:00 on Friday 31st March 2023 at the Football Stadium in Vilamoura. The opening ceremony is a chance to see all the different sports disciplines and countries together that are participating in the Youth World Games!
All teams will arrive at the stadium 1 hour before the opening ceremony starts and should select minimum of 4 participants from each team to represent their team in the parade on the grass field with their Nationality/Club flags. The other members from the team are to take their seats inside the stadium until the ceremony ends.
Each team´s Team Liaison officer will coordinate the team´s arrival with the Organization along with the 4 participants who will represent the team and lead them to the meeting point outside the stadium.


The event begins in earnest with the group stages of the festival to be played Saturday 01st April 2023, culminating with the finals on Sunday 02nd April 2023.


After the finals it is the time to relax and reflect on a hard 2 days competition by meeting up after the last game and final played.
Each sports discipline will have its own presentations of trophies and awards.


> All participants will have their own team photo taken at Youth World Games;
> Winners & Runners-Up trophies for each age group per sport discipline;
> Participation medal for all athletes attending the Youth World Games.