The Youth World Games will be held annually, each year in a different city / region carefully selected on the following criteria: safety, accessibility, climate, economic estability and superior level of sports and hotel infra-structures.

The inaugural Youth World Games edition in 2023 will take place in the south of Portugal, in the Algarve, a region world famous for its breath taking cliffs, golden beaches and sandy islands. But ‘sun and sand’ is far from the end of the Algarve story; there’s no shortage of other attractions – activities, castles (both sand and real), diving, entertainment, fun…

The Algarve is Europe´s main sports tourism destination and it features some of the best sports facilities around. Every year hundreds of international teams and athletes travel to the Algarve to benefit from the marvellous warm weather climate and superior training and playing conditions.

Hosting the Youth World Games is a unique opportunity for the Algarve to demonstrate a leading sports position, with a special emphasis on young people and will highlight Algarve as Europe’s premier sporting destination.

If you wish to explore a little more of the Algarve during your Youth World Games participation, we have a long list of group activities and excursions for you to pick from.